Thursday, December 5, 2013

No more bedhead, curl your hair while getting some Zzzzz's

I love how my hair looks when it's all curled up but I've always hated the whole process of curling my hair.  If I don't have at least an hour to devote solely to twisting my hair around a curling iron, it just isn't going to happen.  Needless to say, my hair is normally worn straight.  At least that was my norm up until a month ago.  You might be wondering, did I somehow find an extra hour in my morning to devote to styling my hair?  Not a chance!  I like sleeping way too much, my friends, to start dragging my butt out of bed any sooner then I have to.  No, I stumbled upon a marvelous discovery which will change my life forever and I'm not being dramatic here.  It really is a beauty life changer.  All it took was a click on a YouTube video tutorial and voila, I am now a member of the group of women who will curl their hair on days when its not just a special occasion!
All you need for this super easy technique is a stretchy headband, a bobby pin or two, and slightly damp hair.  Place the headband around the crown of your head, on top of your hair.  Start by taking a small section of hair (1 inch or so) from the front side of your head and loop it over and around the headband.  Keep looping this section of hair around the headband, adding a little more hair with each loop.  Once you get to the back of your head, stop and begin on the other side.   You will likely end up with a section of hair in the very back that you won't be able to wrap around the headband anymore.   Twist this section tightly and pin curl it to the back of your head right above where the headband lays on your head, securing it with the bobby pins.  You can jump down to the end of this post to check out a YouTube tutorial which was done by The Paper Mama. 

This technique will work differently for different hair types and lengths.  If you want tight curls use small sections of hair, and for larger curls use larger sections of hair when wrapping it around the headband.  I also recommend using slightly damp hair.  It'll hold much longer.  Mine actually looked fantastic on day 2, even after sleeping all night on the curls.  The only problem I seem to have with this technique is the curls around my face turn out super Shirley Temple-esque, so I just pull some of the front sections back in clip or hairband and problem solved!  I am also really excited about using this technique to get some great texture and fullness to my hair to help create some fun up-do's in the future.
Have you tried this particular technique before?  How did it turn out for you? 


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