Thursday, September 26, 2013

Seasons Box Review (August): An Eco-Friendly Monthly Subscription Box

Today I received my August Seasons Box. You're more than likely thinking...."It's the end of September and she's only now getting her August box!  What the..?"  Well, as I understand it there was a change in ownership and as with any kind of big change sometimes things like this can happen while the kinks are all being worked out.  It doesn't bother me at all, in fact I am really excited to see all the goodies the new owners have in store for their members every month! 

General Seasons Box information:

*Cost:  $34.90 per month.  You have the choice to either order a single box or opt for the monthly automatic service.  I really love companies that offer their customers the opportunity to make a one box purchase.  Many subscription box services only offer the automatic monthly purchase, so if you want to try just one you have to go through all that hassle to cancel before getting charged again the following month.

*Products:  Every month you are guaranteed  3-5 FULL SIZE products that are eco-friendly and tailored to the mind, body and home.  I can't emphasize how amazing it is that you get full size products.  I've tried quite a few different subscription box companies over the last few years and so many of them stuff your box full of all sorts of itty bitty samples.  I'm not knocking samples sizes by any means.  It is a great way to try a lot of different products.  The problem is I also started to notice the same products were showing up over and over again in my boxes.  I would much rather have 3-5 full size, hand picked, quality products every month.  I feel like I am getting the most out of my money this way!

August Seasons Box Products: 

*Theme:  "Get In Touch With Nature"

*Tiki Lotion Bar (1oz): $8  Vegan lotion bar with ingredients like green tea butter, wintergreen & spearmint essential oils.  This product smells good enough to eat although I wouldn't recommend it. I really like the container and size of this product too.  I'm always looking for a great lotion to take with me on the go that doesn't take up a lot of space inside my purse.  This will be perfect! 
The lotion itself goes on smoothly, in a light layer and doesn't feel greasy on your skin. 

* Puur Mist (4oz):  $8 These are handmade products and can be found on Puur Body's Etsy store.   The ingredients are: apricot kernel oil, isoproyl miristate, fragrance essential oils.  Right away, my eye zeroed into the isopropyl miristate.  The name itself, doesn't exactly sound natural to me so I had to look it up.  In my research I found: 1. It is actually spelled myristate.  2. It's a synthetic oil which helps the skin absorb products more readily, and 3. On all the websites I checked out, it is considered safe to use and is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.  A couple other things I learned is it can also be very drying on the skin and is not recommended for acne prone skin.  My skin is already dry and is acne prone so this is probably something I wouldn't use on myself.  The website is worth checking out because there were many other products I would have enjoyed trying out, like a shea butter shampoo bar which looked wonderfully intriguing!  I'm always looking for a great natural shampoo to try. 

*Eat Green Tea (100 grams):  $25  Certified organic edible green tea leaves.  The company also tests the product for heavy metals which can commonly be found in soil.  I was very intrigued by this product.  Just 1 TBSP = 30 cups of brewed tea (I really limit my caffeine intake, but after reading the website I was relieved to find out that the caffeine content does not equate to 30 cups of green tea. You'll be getting the equivalent of only one cup of green tea per serving.  Thank goodness for that!).  I will more then likely try this out in my morning smoothies!

    *Vapur Anti Bottles Two Pack (0.4 Liters/ bottle): $11  BPA free.  These bottles are very portable, will flatten when empty and can be rolled for folded up for easy storage when not in use.  When full of liquid, these bottles are designed to stand up.  How cool and fun is that!!! 

August Seasons Box Total Cost:  $52

August Season Box Review: 
My favorite product in this box is the Tiki Lotion Bar.  I am also excited to check out the Eat Green Tea product.  It isn't something I would have probably ever bought on my own, which is one of the reasons I love subscription box services like Seasons Box.  It is such a fantastic and fun way to discover new products.  I love the plastic Vapur bottles.  They could come in handy while out on a walk or even just working out in the yard. The only product I personally won't be using is the Puur Body Mist because of my skin type.  It may work for one of my friends though!

What are your thoughts on the August Seasons Box?  Are there any other great eco-friendly services I need to check out?


  1. I LOVED this box but the October blox BLEW! The value wasn't even $20. I was HORRIFIED and wrote them an email trying to cancel the remainder of my yearly subscription, but they wouldn't let me :-(

    1. Wow, that is too bad! I heard they changed owners and I can't believe they won't give you your money back! That is outrageous and I bet they've had lots of people complaining. I actually cancelled the Seasons Box after the August box so I could try some other ones out. I sort of am addicted to these subscription boxes. If only I had unlimited funds...... :)

    2. They added a month to my subscription for free and pinkie sweared that November would be better. We'll see.... Tiki Bar soaps are amazing- one of my fave brands and the gal who makes them is a total doll.

    3. Well, that was very nice of them to do. You'll have to let me know what you think about the November box! And, I agree with you on the Tiki Bar brand. I am really liking this lotion bar!